The BioDesk team have worked on over 450 distinct projects with particular development expertise in vaccines, stem cell therapy and gene therapy along with many indications

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With over 45% of BioDesk projects being Biologicals, the team have particular expertise in vaccine, stem cell therapy, cell therapy and tissue engineered, gene therapy, immunotherapy, ADC, antibody, monoclonal antibody, GMO, peptide and recombinant protein products.

BioDesk also has a high level of expertise with small molecule compounds with over 22% of our projects being NCEs. Reformulated/reposition compounds (CE) make up a further 12% of the BioDesk product portfolio. 

CNS BioDesk also has a robust level of experience in other project classes such as device and drug/device combination products, diagnostics, surgical and nutraceutical/dietary products.


Therapeutic area expertise:

The BioDesk team have a combined experience across over 80 indications in 22 therapeutic areas.

BioDesk are routinely supporting client programs in infectious disease with almost 20% of projects involving Malaria, Dengue, Ebola, influenza and STD indications.


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